Traveling: One Good Part

I was so mad when my boss told me that I had to go out of town for training for my job. From my first interview I was told that this job carried zero travel time. He told me that if I did not go to that training that I would lose my job, I was pretty irritated! I never like to travel and I usually stay close to home because I get anxious when I travel.
My rental car arrived at work and off I went to my 5 hour drive to the hotel where I had to stay. The rooms where pretty nice and at least he did not shack me up in some dump.

Someone started knocking on my door and when I answered it there was a beautiful woman standing there barely dressed. I thought that it was some type of joke and let her in. The only good part of my little trip is that she was from the escorts in Nottingham and knocked on the wrong door!

A Hard Task

I have been looking for a job steadily the past month and I have gotten no where. I have tried Nottingham escorts, local pubs and even fast food restaurants. So far, nothing. I already have one job but I just found out I was pregnant so I need a second one if I want to be able to prepare for the baby. I know your not supposed to over work yourself during pregnancy, but I am the sole provider at this moment in time. The father is over seas so therefore I have been given full responsibility to get everything ready for our child. I think so far I am doing a great job, I just wish I could find a few extra hours a week to help me buy everything I need.


I am married with children and a couple times of year I will go out with my girlfriends for a night on the downtown strip. Most of the time I will try and get out of going out with them because something strange always happens. I am the only one married so they are always drinking and someone gets out of control. My husband worries the entire time that I am out and I usually send him a text or two during the night to let him know that I am o.k.

My last adventure with my friends ended up with two of them getting arrested for drunk and disorderly. The other three decided that they were going to go back to a hotel with a couple of drunk fuck buddies that they met. They left me stranded and I had to take a cab to get home, I will not be going out with them for quite some time!

Will it Ever Happen?

Once in awhile I like to go out on weekends when I don’t have plans with my family or working. When I do go out I usually go with a few friends to try and find a local shag for the weekend. Sometimes I am lucky and other times it usually ends up being a waste of a great weekend spent running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Next weekend however I am going to try and go about this differently. I am going to gain a little confidence and start approaching the men I am interested in instead of waiting for them to come up to me. Cause lets face it, if I keep waiting it is never going to happen! It has been four years since I have been with anyone and if I keep it up I will most likely make it to five. Lets just all hope that does not happen. It would not be good for anyone.

Dancing On The Wild Side

The business trip had been a rough one. Accounts were lost, new ones were added, but in the end it was profitable. We decided to celebrate our last night with Leeds escort agency and have some fun. Never having used an escort service before, I was uncomfortable. But our clients knew what to do and who to call. Within an hour it was all set and our dates would show up before the sun set.

I was kind of nervous at first, but my date was a sweet little red head with a wild side. It did not take long before she had me on the dance floor. We spent a lot of time dancing and a little time drinking. But the best part was after the date ended for her service, was returned to my room and did our own version of dancing on the wild side. It is a trip I will never forget and one the family will never know about.

A Cold Goodbye

I honestly feel that my husband and I are not going to last much longer. Last month I found out he had a fuck buddy and he promised to leave her. The other day I picked up his phone and found her number in his contacts still and a bunch of message to and from her. I can’t believe he is willing to sacrifice his family, but I guess he just doesn’t care anymore. Although it hurts me deeply to leave him, I know it is for the best. I can’t be with someone who is unfaithful and someone who lies constantly. Maybe someday he will realize his mistakes and miss us, but until then I don’t want him around me at all. I hope to hell it hurts him to be away, maybe than I will know that he actually has a heart.